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Our leaders, who started with Obsurge, work hard every day to protect its goals. They motivate everyone to
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Board of Directors


Mr. J.S. Chauhan

Managing Director

Mr. J.S. Chauhan, founder of Obsurge, embarked on a transformative journey in healthcare, driven by unwavering passion. Commencing as a Medical Representative in 1975, he rose to top management in a leading Indian pharmaceutical company, rooted in his commitment to a sober life and fostering national employment.

In 1999, Obsurge emerged from his vision to provide affordable healthcare solutions, marking his legacy of passion, values, and performance. Today, Obsurge thrives as a testament to his enduring vision, championing quality, affordability, and social responsibility, guided by Mr. Chauhan's indomitable spirit.


Mr. Avijit Chauhan

Business Development Director

Avijit Chauhan, Business Development Director at Obsurge Biotech Ltd. since 2010, is a visionary leader merging quality healthcare with technological expertise. His diverse academic background, including degrees from the University of Melbourne, WIU and RMIT University, showcases his commitment to excellence in innovation & Hunger for growth in healthcare Industry.


Mr. Udit Chauhan

Legal Advisor

Mr. Udit Chauhan, a seasoned legal professional, serves as the Legal Advisor for Obsurge Biotech Ltd.. With over six years in the Supreme Court of India and a role at various other stock market listed companies since 2017, his expertise spans diverse legal areas. His contributions are pivotal, ensuring Obsurge Biotech's legal compliance and success in the pharmaceutical sector.


Mr. Manoj Jain

Chartered Accountant

CA Manoj Kumar Jain, a seasoned finance professional with 30 years of experience, holds qualifications in BCom (Hons), LLB, and FCA. His expertise spans the finalization of financial statements, internal and external audit, financial advisory, ROC compliance fulfillment, and proficiency in both direct and indirect taxation. With a robust skill set, Mr. Jain brings a wealth of knowledge to provide comprehensive financial solutions and ensure regulatory compliance for businesses.


Mr. VP Dixit

Pharmaceutical Professional

Mr. VP Dixit, a seasoned pharmaceutical professional, boasts expertise in production, validation, batch scale-up, and regulatory affairs. His career spans reputable organizations like USV, Nestor, Kee Pharma. Since 2002, as Production Controller at OBSURGE, he optimizes production, coordinates processes, leveraging his vast experience for seamless production cycles.